Whether it’s designing an entirely new system or simply replacing your ducts, we have the air conditioning solution for you.


With the development of heating and cooling systems over the years, we can now control the weather inside of our homes, but the choices for how you can do this can seem overwhelming. So how can you decide what air conditioning system is best for you?

If you reside in Adelaide, or rural South Australia, let the team from Green Efficient Living help you out. With superior design technology and a work ethic that is second to

none, the best choice that you can make is Green Efficient Living.

In our work, we have seen the best and the worst. The worst happens when people opt to save money by buying cheaper units and inferior components. It is not cheap when you save a dollar here and there but have to spend more money on power and still be uncomfortable for much of the year.

Keep an open mind and let us help you do it right from the start.

Home Air Conditioner


We use the latest in system design software to ensure that your system is designed to the highest possible standards and also to your particular needs.

This technology allows us to show you an almost exact replica of the finished product taking the guess work out of the end result.

We use your housing plan, getting almost exact measurements of your rooms and layout, to ensure that the size and placement of the system will fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.

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