Ensure that you know how to best keep your system running smoothly for the greatest return on your investment.

Although your solar PV system does not require a large amount of maintenance, it does involve more than just cleaning your panels. It is important that you know how to look after your panels to maximise production and minimise product failure.

Contrary to what people think, solar systems and more specifically, the panels, are not self-cleaning or self-maintaining. Here is how to best care for your system to ensure that you make the most out of your investment.


  • Try to make it a habit to inspect your inverter on a weekly basis to ensure that it is operating as required and that the meter is recording export power.


  • No solar panel is self-cleaning. They need to be inspected regularly or after extreme weather. The frequency of which you inspect your panels will depend on a few different environmental factors such as location and surrounding vegetation.
  • Avoid using cleaning products on your panels and stick to just water instead. Cleaning products tend to leave a thin film on the glass and therefore may affect the production of the panels. Squeegees of clothes are fine to use, however, scourers and high-pressure water cleaners are not.
  • Leaf litter and other debris can often build up underneath panels, so make sure that you run the hose from the top of your roof, directly down to wash it all into the gutters.
  • Visually inspect your panels for any incidental shading from vegetation or other objects as it may cause a significant reduction in performance.


Servicing by a professional should be carried out annually. This annual maintenance is a routine check where we will come out and inspect your system’s integrity of electrical connections, performance, framing and corrosion.

It will ensure that you have an efficient, well maintained, safe installation while also ensuring that all roof penetrations will last the lifetime of your system.

As part of this annual maintenance, Green Efficient Living will also clean the panels to ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency from your system.


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